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In November 2011, Wiltshire-based modeller Nigel Smith, became the proud new owner of Omen Miniatures; the business that was created by Jeff Brickett from Horsham in 1982.

Over a 30-year period he produced a range of O Gauge (1/43rd) figures which rapidly became the benchmark for quality, excellent detail and natural poses.

The range expanded to cover not just the railway personnel themselves, but the general public who use the railways.

In time, Jeff diversified to include a range of “look-a-like” motor racing personalities. He also created his unique light-hearted range of ‘ladies’ – there was never any intention to offend anyone with these exquisitely sculptured figures, but it would have been a shame not to purchase the whole range, which was synonymous with the Omen brand.

Also included is a range of cats and dogs, mermaids, clowns, golf clubs, fences, postbox and luggage – the range will surprise almost everyone!

Omen Miniatures are the leading figure manufacturer selling figures either painted or as unpainted castings.

The metal casting is machine spun in a rubber mould. When painted, the process makes it a “handmade” product. This gives us the opportunity to paint each figure in many different colours (uniforms excluded), thus giving the modeller more variation and the opportunity to duplicate a figure without it being obvious.

The huge amount of time required to achieve the high standard of a “Deluxe Painted” figure means that as a cottage industry, we cannot mass produce them. Sometimes Worldwide demand swallows the existing stock.

Whilst strenuous efforts are being made to increase the shelf stock, I am afraid that some figures will have to be painted to order with the necessary time delay. You will be advised immediately regarding outstanding items on an order.

I intend to expand the current range in the future, but am currently working to improve the stocks of current products.

When the modeller clicks on the store – you will find that we have split the range into various categories to make it easier to view. This is designed to avoid the tedious process of scrolling through hundreds of figures before one dies of boredom!!

Please do not hesitate to e-mail me with helpful suggestions to improve this website.

Please enjoy your shopping at Omen Miniatures.

Best wishes,
Nigel Smith

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